Guidance Counseling Lesson Plans

Hello my fellow school counselors (or soon to be)!

Welcome to my site! Here you will find  effective, easy-to-use, fun and engaging guidance counseling lesson plans.   All of the lesson plans provided in this site are designed to use with kindergarden to sixth grade students.  I have offered a variety of topics that range from social skills to tolerance to anti-bullying and beyond! Use these plans to add to your repertoire of ‘tools’ in your counselor tool box.

Please share these guidance counseling lesson plans with your colleagues.  Teachers, feel free to incorporate these lessons into your classroom. They will surely help with your classroom behavior management.

Remember, kids respond to creative, fresh and fun lessons! It is easy to stay with the same old stale lessons that you’ve used year after year. It takes effort, time and hard work to develop, plan and deliver dynamic guidance counseling lesson plans. Fortunately, now you’ve discovered an easy way to access these plans without all the drudge work!

Why Use Guidance Counseling Lesson Plans?

Lesson plans are a key ingredient to any effective school counseling program. Having an effective classroom lesson helps to give kids meaning to otherwise confusing topics.   Lesson plans also provide students with direction and structure.  For example, instead of just telling kids to be respectful lesson plans help them to understand what respect means, why respect is important and how to be respectful.  Effective guidance counseling lesson plans turn abstract, vague concepts into concrete relatable knowledge.

Types of Guidance Counseling Lesson Plans

The following types of lesson plans can be found on this site;

  • Large classroom guidance counseling lesson plans: Lessons are meant for classes ranging in size from 15-30 students. These lessons typically include 3 basic components; teaching the concept, modeling the concept and generalizing the concept into real life.  Any effective lesson plan will incorporate active student involvement, differentiated instruction, and developmentally appropriate design elements. These lessons typically involve one or several of the following creative aspects such as;  role playing, large group games, literature connections, quizzes, reflective student response activities, partner work, break out sessions, demo workshops, artistic/musical activity, media element,  team building exercises and presentations.
  • Small group guidance counseling lesson plans: Lessons are meant for small groups ranging in size from 4-10 students.  Small group lessons are typically done in the form of a ‘lunch bunch’ and often take place in a smaller setting such as a counselors office. Because of the smaller group format the structure for these lessons can allow for greater flexibility and creativity.  Typically lessons will still involve the 3 basic components from the large group structure , however there tends to be more opportunity for even greater active student involvement, participation and discussion.
  • Individual guidance lesson plans: Lessons are meant for one single student.  Individual guidance lesson plans are designed to fit students individual needs. Many times these lessons can appear to look more like a one-to-one counseling session with more of a structured, goal directed approach. Individual guidance lessons are many times utilized for students who may have more demanding needs, have difficulty participating with other students or can benefit from the individual attention due to an issue of a personal/confidential matter.

Thank you for visiting my site! May these lesson plans help you in your professional daily quest to make a difference in your students’ lives!

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